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The Arts – The Soul of Society


Providing consciousness through piano recitals
together with scientific analyses
Gilbert Gambucci,
Pianist / Psycho-Social Analyst


Somewhere in Time

Music and the arts are the soul of society, in fact, they are the foundation of civilization itself. Nowadays the soul of society is all but destroyed because economy is being placed as the basis of everything with disastrous results. Finance, commercial trade, economy are a secondary result of civilization, yet economy and even financial speculation are being used as the basis of society, a function they are not capable of fulfilling. As a result this completely overvalued financial sector has entered into a serious malefic decadence that is causing all kinds of havoc for everyone.

Aesthetics, beauty, the arts speak directly to our inner psychological life resulting in acts of goodness, ethical behavior and social and spiritual well-being. The arts are embraced by all sectors of society because they are in harmony with our human essence, putting us in contact with the essence of life. And if we prove to be unable to activate a genuine artistic revolution immediately, then we can kiss civilization good-bye.

Consciousness Concerts are my endeavor to bring awareness of this reality to public attention through the use of the science of Norberto Keppe in dialectic with music. I hope you enjoy this site and you can avail yourself of the provided links in order to better explore this vast and astonishingly profound work that we call Analytical Trilogy – the successful unification of science, philosophy and spirituality – this cutting edge consciousness that is forming the Third Millennium.


What is a Consciousness Concert?

“With today’s arts, in general, the pathology is revealed (protest art) and the beauty is hidden. In the past (the common practice period) the beauty was revealed and the pathology was hidden. I believe that dialectic between the two is needed, a more complete aesthetic of the third millennium, one that reveals both the beauty in art and the pathology that hinders it.”

Norberto R. Keppe


Does art show us a fantasy or a reality?

Most people have the idea that a work of art is beautiful and agreeable but unfortunately it’s just a fantasy, a wonderful illusion or utopia that the imagination of an artist invented. We elevate our souls with a concert or ballet and then leave the theater of imagination and return to the “real” world. However, Norberto Keppe is the first and only thinker to clarify this erroneous idea about reality and fantasy.

True works of art show us a world which is not so full of human pathology: corruption, violence, envy, extreme arrogance, hatred, etc., that is, the opposition to life that exists in our present day societies. Our social structure is a mixture of wonderful elements that are in reality, that is, which are in accordance or in harmony with our human essence, side by side with elements that are entirely sick, which can be called human pathology. In fact, our contemporary world is very much inclined toward these many elements that are against human equilibrium, against goodness, truth and beauty. Keppe refers to this situation as our pseudo-reality, or better, this man-made situation where the human being ignores all knowledge of human pathology and incorporates his envy of beauty into his existence.

On the other hand we have the artists who through their work show us a world that is so profoundly beautiful that the difference between the two situations is incomprehensible. This is the point where we err, because art shows us the world of the Creator which obviously is without human pathology. Our civilizations are so full of perturbed elements (most of which we don’t even perceive) that we don’t understand very well this transcendental world that art shows us and that is very different from our everyday lives.

Even though our present social structures are completely imbalanced, we think that they are more or less “normal” because until today, we’ve not seen on our planet a civilization that lives according to human essence – where the pathology would be controlled (conscientized) and the qualities (good actions) would be allowed to freely flourish. And so we don’t have any comparison.

The only comparison that we do have with the magnificent world (internal and external) that the Creator made for us is through internal perceptions of this world, through works of art. For this reason it is vital that our social structures adapt themselves to aesthetic values in order to leave behind this anguishing state of semi-delirium and little by little enter into reality. Art is a revelation of divine reality in which the human being has every right to participate, should he decide to accept this right.

However, until we are better able to understand this, art is not accepted as indispensable in society because of the tremendous envy that exists in relation to this field. The primary object of envy is exactly this – to inhibit all forms of beauty as much as possible.

If we want to live happily then there is something that we need to consider. Any civilization that would like to penetrate into the created reality has to recognize that art is the foundation of civilization. Art is not a luxury or the result of civilization, it is an indispensable underpinning upon which civilization is constructed. And without this foundation it is impossible to have any civilization of any importance. We have many historical evidences of this fact. Perhaps the clearest was the Italian Renaissance. When the arts began to flourish, immediately all other sectors of society also experience a proportional development. When the Italian artists began to make important discoveries in relation to their work, the whole of Europe began to emerge as a result. It’s important to note that all sectors of society are directly linked to their artists because of their ability to capture and transmit universal principles, as well as their ability to express works of profound beauty in such a way as to markedly influence the values and conduct of people for the better.

Today however, the financial sector is acting as the base of civilization, but it’s connection with the other sectors of society is artificial, forcing everything subject to money, and in this way society becomes more and more fragmented and lifeless. When a country places almost it’s entire focus on puffing up it’s financial aspect, then the other sectors greatly suffer because finances and economy are a result of civilization, and therefore even this sector fails.

Currently we’re experiencing the opposite of brotherhood and development, that is, a socio-schizophrenia and global decadence because this sector (financial/economic) simply does not have to capacity to act as the foundation of civilization. Economy, commercial trade, finance (mathematics) are a completely secondary result of civilization.

In order for our existence, our society to become more human, more in accordance with our human essence of what is good, true (genuine) and beautiful, we need to cultivate our relationship to art because art puts us in contact with the created reality – the world of eternal values, the world of the Creator.


Gilbert Gambucci