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Gilbert and Dr. Keppe just outside Paris

Gilbert and Dr. Keppe just outside Paris

Reason Why the Arts Are Not Developing

If you study the pathology of those who wield power, you can understand more clearly why aesthetics and the arts have very little place in society. I’d like to give an example of one of the tricks that transnational companies use to severely limit artistic expression and do so without our perceiving what is happening.

International competitions for performing artists are used to bring together the highly talented who are completely dedicated to their work. Hundreds of amazing top notch artists compete in order to win, not only some prize money, but what is usually a one year contract of professional engagements which will then hopefully become the beginning of a career. In other words, they compete for work.

Anyone who has ever served as a judge on the panel of any such competition knows very well the highly dubious state of affairs that take place in selecting a small group of 30 of these artists and then narrowing it down to 10 who are supposedly better than the others. To then select one as being the best is almost always an absurd impossibility.

So why then does this process continue? Why receive hundreds of wonderfully gifted and hard working artists and send practically all of them back home as though they are somehow not good enough, forcing them to look for other means of earning a living?

The artist management multi-nationals want someone who has been proclaimed by experts to be the best, so that they can plan their marketing investment as frugally as possible with the object of bringing public attention to as small a number of artists possible that will then fill the theaters with a public starving for art. In this way, they achieve for themselves the least amount of investment for the maximum profit return. Whether the heads of these management companies perceive it or not, their actions have next to nothing to do with benefiting society as it does with benefiting their own personal profit at the expense of humanity’s well-being.

Our lives can be literally hundreds of times more beautiful and dazzlingly enchanting with psychological, social and spiritual benefits for everyone, but for highly sick reasons we are excluding our artists from participating in professional life.

Ever since the acceptance of Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes and Reaganomics, our socio-economic structure has been increasingly geared toward obtaining profits as the primary objective of life, to the ever-growing demise of the arts and even of civilization itself.

Those under socialist structures, who are trying to organize their lives through obtaining government grants, find that such money is never invested in a way that takes hold or causes development in benefit of the people. They are always projects that are distinctly isolated so that when the grant finishes, so does the activity for which it was given, leaving the situation exactly the same as it was, or even worse, dashing all hopes to the ground. And this is not to mention the enormous amount of taxpayers’ money that disappears. This type of capitalism of the state keeps the people dependant on the powerful, hence, once again serving the interests of those whose interests are the opposite of the people’s.

The way in which we use the structures of capitalism and the various types of socialism have been so pathologically problematic that finally these systems have permanently run themselves amuck.

Solutions always come from the people themselves. And yes, we have solutions – we just need to stop blindly believing that something better will ever come from those who enslave humanity, and begin taking our own initiatives in benefit of our communities.

With this consciousness we can begin to readily achieve a more just, more artistic, and more advanced existence – much more so than what most people may at first think possible.




Analyzing the 1% – Television Program

Analyzing the 1% is a weekly television program aired on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Warner channel 34 in New York every Friday night at 8 o’clock, and hosted by Gilbert Gambucci from STOP the Destruction of the World Association. These programs were produced during the occupation of Liberty Square in the heart of the Wall Street financial district of lower Manhattan in revolt against the abuses inflicted upon society by a small group of international bankers.



Analyzing the 1 % – TV Nr. 17

Origin of the Crises

“The process of speculation inevitably leads any nation to ruin.

Money speculation, in whatever form, must be based on some source of work that is capable of sustaining the level of returns. If such a source is not the working people of the country itself, it must be the laborers from another region. The point I wish to make is that all wealth, whatever its amount, has its source in some activity. Thus, if the level of speculation increases greatly, simultaneously those at the other end of the process – the workers – become poorer and as the later become devastated, the means used to generate money with money will also eventually be decimated – and all collapse at the same time, as is now happening.

When I say that capitalism is doomed, I am not saying that capital should not exist; only that submission of the people to economic power must end. To earn from capital without working is theft; and to work without sharing in the capital involved is slavery; and in both cases the result is an imbalance.”

Work & Capital – Norberto Keppe

a/ The implementation of Reaganomics – placing the stock market in
prominent position of American economy.
b/ Following the ideas of Milton and Rose Friedman – the beginning of the
c/ Deactivating American industry and agriculture.
d/ How Reaganomics deactivated the American people.
e/ The worst stock market crashes in history.
f/ The difference between economy and finances, and the difference
between the real economy and the market economy.
g/ In what way money speculation makes society ill.
h/ What happens when money speculation becomes greater than the work
force of a nation.
i/ Why the fall of making money with money will favor the human being.
j/ The difference between the true American heritage of the Founding
Fathers of the United States, and the economically powerful
international bankers.
k/ Achieving the Promise Land.


Analyzing the 1 % – TV Nr. 16

Making Petroleum and Electricity Obsolete

a/ A group of international bankers who have organized themselves
against humanity.
b/ The Constitution of the United States dominated by a group of mentally
imbalanced multi-billionaires.
c/ Building a parallel economy that excludes the multi-nationals from our
d/ The Keppe Motor’s utilization of the essential energy (scalar energy).
e/ Organizing companies of alternative energy devices.
f/ Video clip of Sterling Allan visiting the Keppe Motor Production Center.
g/ The new energy industrial revolution of the people, for the people and
by the people.
h/ An accumulation of economic power brings loss of liberty.
i/ Video clip of Rich Jones from “Trilogy Talks” interviewing Sterling Allan
and co-inventor of the Keppe Motor, Cezar Soos.
j/ Making oil and electricity obsolete.
k/ Obtaining the liberty necessary to serve our fellow man in truth,
goodness and beauty.


Analyzing the 1 % – TV Nr. 15

The Real Terrorists of Humanity

a/ A study of a small group of multi-billionaires who are perturbing all the
nations of our planet.
b/ The book, Liberation of the People – The Pathology of Power, the first
and best scientific study of the psycho-pathology of those who wield
socio-economic power.
c/ Economic power dominating the political sector has nullified the
Constitution of the U.S.
d/ Specific concerns of our Founding Fathers Thomas Paine, Alexander
Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.
e/ Theomania – the severest form of mental illness.
f/ Video clip – An interview conducted by Democracy Now about a leaked
Trans Pacific Partnership document showing the last step in a Global
Corporate Dictatorship.
g/ An idea of the Baron of Montesquieu in the U.S. Constitution –
accumulation of power breeds loss of liberty.
h/ Occupying our constitutional rights.


Analyzing the 1 % – TV Nr. 14

Analyzing the Mental Illness of Those Who Wield Social-Economic Power

a/ Analytical Trilogy, the science that has successfully unified the sciences
with philosophy and theology.
b/ Analyzing the psychopathology (mental illness) of those who wield
social-economic power.
c/ The definition of Theomania.
d/ Short video clip interview/confrontation of Lord Jacob Rothschild by
the We Are Change independent media.
e/ Short video clip interview of David Rockefeller by Benjamin Fulford.
f/ Specifics that reveal why the economically powerful are entirely anti-
f/ Analysis of: The Dangers of Financing, Negative Effects of the Stock
Market, The Destructiveness of the Stock Markets, Why the Stock
Market is an Illusion, and Wall Street – the False Economy.
g/ Why usury (charging exorbitant interest on loans) must be prohibited.
h/ Why money speculation must be prohibited.
i/ The end of the stock market, a great day of celebration for all peoples.


Analyzing the 1 % – TV Nr. 13

Who Ordered the Murder of Our Late President John F. Kennedy

a/ Who ordered the murder of our late president John F. Kennedy?
b/ Consciousness of being dominated by a force other than democracy.
c/ The corporate media’s work of inhibiting all conspiracy investigations and
secret society awareness.
d/ The mental illness of the Rockefeller/Rothschild regime with their secret
societies and economic power.
e/ A comparison between the interests of the kingdom of the economically
powerful Rockefellers to that of the President Kennedy directives taken
during his presidency.
f/ First targets of CIA control.
g/ Video clip of the Zapruder film showing the assassination of President
h/ A list of those working for the economically powerful who were directly
involved in the Kennedy assassination.
g/ An excerpt recording of Kennedy’s address in April of 1961 to the
American Newspaper Publishers Association.
h/ David Rockefeller’s response to that address in a speech given to the
Trilateral Commission in June of 1991.
i/ The imminent danger to American society and the world of a small
group of sociopathic multi-billionaires.


Analyzing the 1 % – TV Nr. 12

Art, The Foundation of Civilization

a/ The fundamental need for aesthetics, for beauty in society.
b/ Social life has to adapt itself to the arts in order to enter into Reality.
c/ In what ways society is pathological and how the arts show us the real
world of eternal values, the world of the Creator.
d/ Video clip of the McAlpineers playing Rhapsody in Rhythm while
seeing post cards from the 1920’s of the Dreamland of Coney Island.
e/ How multi-national corporations destroyed the ideal of Walt Disney and
f/ How financial speculators refuse to work and why money speculation
must be prohibited.
f/ Video clip of Doo Occupy singing Oh Fanny Mae, in protest of the unjust
home mortgage foreclosures happening nationwide.
g/ How Aesthetics (the arts) are the basis of all social and cultural values.
h/ Persecution of the Artist – the Soul of Society.


Analyzing the 1 % – TV Nr. 11

Who Really Attacked the NYC World Trade Center

a/ Analyzing the pathology of those who wield economic power.
b/ A scientific analysis of who really attacked the World Trade Center Twin
Towers in New York.
c/ Why it’s no longer possible to turn a blind eye to the facts of the Twin
Towers attack.
d/ The dangerous psychotic behavior of the Rockefeller/Rothschild regime.
e/ Mainstream media acting as public relations for the most dangerous
group of psychotics in the world.
f/ Looking at a collection of facts about the Twin Towers attack.
g/ The role of the National Command Authority – the Federal Aviation
Administration, in the World Trade Center attack.
h/ Democracy being dominated by the economic powers-that-be.
i/ The highly immoral conduct of the Wall Street speculators and America’s
pathological pact with the immorality of Reaganomics.
g/ A comparison between the German riot police and the NYPD.


Analyzing the 1 % – TV Nr. 10

The Third Way Enterprising

a/ Taking our Lives Back – it’s up to us now.
b/ The aspect of OWS that is going well – the demonstrations that bring
social consciousness.
c/ The aspect that needs attention – organizing a parallel economy, a
parallel work force to that of the enslavement of the 1%.
d/ How the corruption of the corporate media prevents public awareness of
the Trilogical Enterprise working model solution.
e/ Excerpt of Dr. Norberto Keppe from STOP TV Program 245 – “ The
scientific formation of Analytical Trilogy, the successful unification of
science with philosophy and theology”.
f/ A description of the practical working mechanisms of the Trilogical
Company, neither Capitalist nor Socialist, but rather, the third way.
g/ Excerpt of Dr. Keppe from STOP TV Program 257 – “What elements of
society must be free of charge? – The Keppean Social Ideals.”
h/ OWS video clip of 400 guitarists marching through the streets of New
York in protest of the injustices perpetrated by the 1% singing “Whose
Side Are You On” among other cantus firmus chants.
g/ A call to the “sleeping tiger” generation to help the younger occupiers to
organize the self-owned Trilogical Companies.


Analyzing the 1 % – TV Nr. 9

Alexander Hamilton Study

a/ How economic power is advancing over all aspects of civilization.
b/ Why the corporate mainstream media is the most corrupt institution in
the United States today.
c/ Excerpt of Dr. Norberto Keppe from STOP TV Program 245 – “ How the
economic field is trying to take over entirely the political system”.
d/ A study of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.
e/ A call to the 60’s activists, the “sleeping tiger generation,” to add
experience to the Occupy endeavor.
f/ Video film clip by Wall Street occupier filming Kenny Vance and The
Original Teenagers warming-up in a parking lot singing “I’m so happy.”
g/ How the 1% is changing the educational system into a money making
industry for investors.
h/ Consciousness about the economically powerful Rockefeller clan.


Analyzing the 1 % – TV Nr. 8

Corporate Media Censorship

a/ How the media acts as a barrier to social consciousness.
b/ Excerpt of Dr. Norberto Keppe from STOP TV Program 260 – “ How the
Media is Manipulated by the Socio-economically powerful”.
c/ Corporate Media has banned coverage of Occupy Wall Street in order to
keep the public ignorant of the consciousness that is arising.
d/ How Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes and Reaganomics show a
complete lack of knowledge of the psychopathology of the human being.
e/ The need to replace Capitalism and not the Democracy as laid out by the
Founding Fathers of U.S.
f/ The real reason why the 1% attacked the Liberty Square occupation.
g/ Video film clip of activist Gilbert Gambucci speaking in Liberty Square
during the occupation: “The need to prohibit Usury and Money
h/ Why do people worldwide resonate with Occupy Wall Street?
i/ Video clip of accordionist Paul Stein in Liberty Square singing his own
Occupy Wall Street Song.


Analyzing the 1 % – TV Nr. 7

Economic Power vs. Political Power

a/ What happens when the Speculative Stock Market becomes greater than
the work force of a nation.
b/ Result of the Reagan administration’s deregulation of the banking
system (Glass-Steagall Act) and the Federal Communications
c/ Excerpt of Dr.Keppe from STOP TV Program 245 – “The Connection
Between Reaganomics and Malefic International Power”.
d/ How Reaganomics has deactivated the American work force and caused
an unethical national mentality.
e/ OWS video clip of the Tax Dodgers, and Bank of America protests on the
George Washington memorial steps in front of Wall Street.
f/ Warnings of the Founding Fathers about not allowing bankers to get
control of the issuance of our currency.
g/ The constitutional right to peaceful assembly in order to publically
protest grievances.


Analyzing the 1 % – TV Nr. 6

Back on the Road to Success

a/ A dialectic between Capitalism and Socialism.
b/ The third way – an explanation of the principles used in the Trilogical
Cooperative Company and it’s broad application on the economics of
c/ Excerpt of Dr.Keppe from STOP TV Program 269 – “How to Get Back on
the Road to Success”.
d/ The mistake of putting our hopes in the powerful instead of in our own
e/ OWS video of demonstration against Bank of America – “It’s Time to
Turn the Tables.”
f/ Consciousness of the problems through public demonstrations is
something good.
g/ A reading of Article I of the first Amendments of the Constitution of the
U.S. – the right to peaceful assembly to petition the government for a
redress of grievances.
h/ Occupy Wall Street Song, Paul Stein.


Analyzing the 1 % – TV Nr. 5

Market Economy and Real Economy

a/ An analysis of the pathology inherent in the structures of Capitalism,
Marxism and Anarchism.
b/ The need to uphold the principles of the Founding Fathers of the U.S.
e/ Video clip of OWS explaining and protesting the American Legislative
Exchange Council.
f/ Kennedy quote that reveals the difference between Democracy and
g/ The need for New York residents to support those within the NYPD who
desire not to carry out the anti-constitutional orders they receive to
attack peaceful demonstrators.
h/ Excerpt of Dr. Keppe from STOP TV Program 269 – “The Difference
Between Market Economy and the Real Economy”.
i/ Video clip doo-wop style Occupiers singing Break Up Bank of


Analyzing the 1 % – TV Nr. 4

Thomas Jefferson Study

a/ Who are the 1%
b/ A concern of Thomas Jefferson – schools and public media must be free;
how the 1% are anti-American.
c/ Excerpt of Dr. Keppe from STOP TV Program 269 – “What is Wall
d/ What will happen with the money that the 1% siphoned from society.
e/ Video excerpt of retired Philadelphia police captain Ray Lewis.
f/ Police being used by the 1% – strategy of the economically powerful to
Divide and Conquer.
g/ Video excerpt from Stop the Destruction of the World Association –
Humanity in Crisis.
h/ A call to the general public to support police refusal to carry out orders
that are unconstitutional.


Analyzing the 1 % – TV Nr. 3

What Makes a Nation Great

a/ The science that links psycho-pathology with socio-pathology in order to
analyze the mental condition of the 1%.
b/ Occupier video clip from Occupy Philadelphia – Martin Luther King
speaks to Occupy Wall Street.
c/ Some pathological aspects of Capitalism, Socialism and Anarchism.
d/ Three Vital Steps Necessary to Bring Down the 1%.
e/ Excerpt of Dr. Keppe from STOP TV Program 264 – “What Makes A
Nation Great”?
f/ Short video clip from OWS – “Somebody.”
g/ Martin Luther King quotes; choosing to side with our Constitutional
rights or with the 1%.


Analyzing the 1 % – TV Nr. 2

Thomas Paine Study

a/ Video clip of Power to the People.
b/ A brief description of the science of Analytical Trilogy.
c/ Main concern of Occupy movement – i.e. the 1% has usurped our
Constitutional rights.
d/ By comparison to the concerns and principles of Founding Father
Thomas Paine – how the 1% are completely anti-American.
e/ Excerpt of Dr. Norberto Keppe from STOP TV Program Nr. 263 – “Adam
Smith’s Influence on Society”.
f/ Confusing Capitalism with Democracy.
g/ Video clip of Occupy New York demonstrations and police reactions.
h/ The mental illness of the 1% and conscientizing the police as to who
they serve.
i/ Video clip of Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.


Analyzing the 1 % – TV Nr. 1

Obedience to the Truth

a/ A brief description of the science of Analytical Trilogy.
b/ Video clip of analyzing the 1% from Liberty Square.
c/ Excerpt of Dr. Norberto Keppe from STOP TV Program Nr. 262 – “What
is a Real Society”.
d/ Civil disobedience is actually obedience to the truth.
e/ Video clip of Reclaiming Wisconsin march and Police Brutality in New
f/ Analyzing the NYPD and their relationship to the 1%.
g/ The difference between violence and courage.


From Occupy Wall Street

One of 8 to 10 interviews per day during the 3 month occupation of Liberty Square in the heart of the Wall Street financial speculation district of lower Manhattan.


Growing With Art, Recovering a Community

Showing in practice how the social values of any society come from the arts.



Back to Our Roots

A scientific exploration into the forgotten principles and objectives of the Founding Fathers of the U.S. and compared with the opposite objectives of today’s economically powerful.

Lecture given at the 2008 World Conference of Analytical Trilogy at the request of former United States Ambassador to Qatar, Joseph Ghougassiam, and co-sponsored by the University of San Diego Center for Christian Spirituality.

Back to our Roots (part 1 of 2)


Back to our Roots (part 2 of 2)